At FlexPlan Administrators, we provide a wide range of consultation and insurance brokerage services to private, public and government organizations and associations. These would include all aspects of a companies Flexible Benefits Plan including Flexible Spending Accounts, Dependent Care Accounts, Health Reimbursement and Savings Accounts, Premium Only Plans as well as Cafeteria Plans covering voluntary/supplemental health, dental, vision, telemedicine and life insurance coverage.


piggy bank glasses dollarswe provide services for:

  • groups | individuals pre-tax premiums
  • flexible spending accounts
  • dependent care accounts
  • health reimbursement accounts
  • health savings accounts
  • COBRA administration
  • Healthiest You - telemedicine program

voluntary payroll deduction products:

  • long-term disability coverage
  • short-term disability coverage
  • accident insurance
  • cancer/critical illness insurance
  • life insurance
  • long-term care insurance
  • telemedicine

FlexPlan Card

The FlexPlan Card is a special MasterCard that participants can use instead of cash to pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses. With the FlexPlan Card, payments are deducted directly from your FSA account - there is no waiting for reimbursement checks or filling out claim forms! You have online access to real-time account information allowing you to check your balance at any time.  The best benefit is that the FlexCard can help you offset rising health care costs and increase your take-home pay.

The Flexible Spending Account & Dependent Care Account

With an FSA, you choose a pre-tax amount to set aside for eligible health & childcare expenses. Pre-funded by the employer, this money becomes available to you for health care costs immediately on the first day of the New Plan Year. This is not an expense – it is your money set aside tax free!  Save money on the expenses you know you will have by using an FSA or DCA.

Healthiest You – Telemedicine Servicehy-logo-128-white

Healthiest You provides 24×7 access to doctors and proactive wellness coaching for tens of thousands of Americans. Join us in changing the way we think about healthcare…in sickness and in health.  Healthiest You can provide a convenient option for you and your families health care needs!

Healthiest You is available as a Group or Voluntary Product.