Why FlexPlan
At FlexPlan Administrators, we believe outstanding customer service matters. Our happy employees, broker partners and employers will attest that we have been providing just that for over 30 years.

Your designated account representatives strive for fast claim turnaround and no phone queue customer service support. We're here to deal with you directly when needed! We also firmly believe that outsourcing should take work off your plate, not add to it. To that end, we have designed all our support services to be hassle-free, easy to use, and provide tools that minimize your workload, saving you time and money. We take care of the details and allow you to be as involved as you choose in your plan administration.

Wherever you company or firm is located and whether it is small, large, private, publicly-owned, non-profit or a government entity, FlexPlan Administrators is ready to work for you!
Types of Plans
Cafeteria Plans
A Cafeteria Plan is a reimbursement plan governed by IRS Section 125 which allows employees to contribute a certain amount of their gross income to a designated account or accounts before taxes are calculated.
Flexible Spending Account
A Flexible Spending Account is a designated reimbursement account under a Cafeteria Plan which allows employees to contribute a certain amount of their gross income to medical or dependent daycare accounts before taxes are calculated.
Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)
An HRA is a type of Medical Reimbursement Plan (MRP) that allows the employer to contribute tax-free dollars to a designated employee account or accounts. These accounts are for employee reimbursement of out-of-pocket medical expenses (including some insurance premiums and deductibles).
Health Savings Accounts
Health savings accounts are tax favored accounts that can be contributed to by or on behalf of “eligible individuals” covered by certain high deductible health plans (HDHPs) to pay for certain medical expenses of eligible individuals and their spouses and/or tax dependents.
Medical Reimbursement Plans
A medical reimbursement plan or MRP is an employer-funded health plan that reimburses employees, their spouses, and dependents for certain medical care expenses not covered through any other health plan. An MRP is very similar to an HRA. However, unlike the HRA, an MRP does not establish employee accounts and therefore does not allow participants to carry over unused benefits to subsequent plan years.
Qualified Transportation Plans
A Qualified Transportation Plan (QTP) is a reimbursement plan governed by IRS Section 132 that allows employees to contribute a certain amount of their gross income to a designated account or accounts before taxes are calculated. These accounts are for specified transportation and parking expenses for commuters.
COBRA administration
Since 1986, employers have had to navigate the many government mandated rules associated with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. This cumbersome process is something that FPA can assist you with!
Medical Reimbursement Plans
Congress passed this landmark provision in 1986 requiring most group health plans to provide a temporary coverage of group health coverage that otherwise might be terminated.  This applies to all private-sector group health plans maintained by employers that have at least 20 employees on more than 50% of its typical business days in the previous calendar year.
Broker Partnerships
Your clients count on you, as their advisor, to provide top-quality products and services. FlexPlan Administrators can assist by administering a variety of reimbursement and assistance programs.
Online Services
FlexPlan’s comprehensive customer portal enables 24-hour access for both employer and employee account management and reporting. In addition, it provides customized downloadable forms, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), and detailed information about cafeteria plan rules and claim submission.
Fast Response
Whether solving a problem or simply processing claims, FlexPlan measures response times in minutes or hours, not days. We’re committed to responding to each inquiry promptly.
Traditional or Flex Card Administration
Our services provide you and your clients with “Options” (e.g. traditional or flex card administration, 125 plan, 105 plan, 132 plan, weekly or bi-weekly reimbursements, document only, document and administration, customized employee educational materials, check reimbursement, direct deposit reimbursement, and more.). This way, employees can either pay up-front for medical expenses with their flex card at qualified locations – thus eliminating their out-of-pocket expense – or submit claims for reimbursement after they are incurred. With either option, FlexPlan handles all claims directly, so your company is free from paperwork hassles.
Full IRS Compliance
In order to protect your company’s interests, FlexPlan guarantees a thorough review of each claim submitted to ensure full IRS compliance. Skilled adjudicators process each submission and contact the employee with any questions, allowing your company to have complete confidence that the administration of your plan is IRS compliant and eliminating the possibility of costly fines and/or termination of the plan.
Online Benefit Enrollment
FlexPlan offers a customized online benefit enrollment solution available to be used for all group and voluntary benefits. This service includes options to upgrade the site to include HRIS features as well as ACA reporting functionality.
When can I start a reimbursement plan for my company?
As a plan sponsor, you can choose to begin your reimbursement plan at any time. You can also establish any 12-month period you choose as the plan year. For example, you could maintain a calendar-year (January – December) plan year, or align the plan with the school year (September – August).
Since it is most often preferable to start the reimbursement plan as quickly as possible, there is also an option called a “short” plan year. This allows your company to start a plan “mid-year” and end at whatever date will subsequently begin the 12-month year that you choose. In other words, if your company makes the decision in May to implement a new reimbursement plan and chooses to follow the calendar year, you can begin with a short plan year of June – December, with subsequent plan years following the calendar year.
Wellness Program
Healthiest You – Telemedicine Service
Healthiest You provides 24×7 access to doctors and proactive wellness coaching for tens of thousands of Americans. Join us in changing the way we think about healthcare…in sickness and in health.  Healthiest You can provide a convenient option for you and your families health care needs! Healthiest You is available as a Group or Voluntary Product.
Administration Services
FlexPlan can assist employer groups with their HIPAA regulated wellness programs with complete third-party administration. This can include tracking and reporting of the program allowing the company to gain a better understanding of their employee groups health related needs.